Wdrożenie systemu wspomagającego wykonywanie zakupów w sklepach wielkopowierzchniowych

Leroy Merlin belongs to GROUPE ADEO that owns over 330 stores all over the world. The group includes such brands as Leroy Merlin, Bricocenter, AKI or Weldom. In Poland, the company operates from 1994 and owns 32 stores. Presently it employs over 6000 workers.

Leroy Merlin introduced an innovative system supporting shopping in large-area stores in Targówek/Warsaw. This unique implementation, first such type in Poland was conducted by IBCS Poland in co-operation with Motorola.

The system has been working since April 2009. Its task is to facilitate shopping for regular customers – holders of loyalty card. The new solution makes shopping shorter and easier.

The system consists of registry device, handheld terminal and IT application. The customer, after authorization in the system, receives a Motorola MC17 terminal equipped with barcode reader, LCS screen and keyboard.

With help of terminal he scans the product and then puts it in a basket. Additionally, the user has access to detailed information about a given product. In case the customer wants to quit a give product, it can be easily removed from the system. At the end of shopping, the customer sends data from the terminal to checkout counter where he pays and receives the receipt.

‘We wanted to offer our customers a solution that is innovative in Poland. We are sure that the implemented system will contribute to greater satisfaction of customers shopping in our store. It will not only make them easier, but also shorter’ – says Jerzy Majos, Marketing Director in Leroy Merlin Poland.

Specialists from Leroy Merlin and IBCS Poland have worked together on the implementation. The team designed the whole system and then integrated it with Leroy Merlin IT infrastructure. Mobile terminals from renowned brand, Motorola were used  in the system.