Automation is the key to development

… only that development can be too fast. Because what should be done in a situation where the number of customers is growing, turnover is also increasing, but employing new staff is not enough to execute all orders in time? IBCS Poland has developed an effective way to increase efficiency by up to 35% with the same resources!

Warehouse automation

One of the ways to effectively increase the efficiency of the warehouse is implementation of effective warehouse automation. Why? In a standard warehouse, at the initial stage of the task, warehouse keeper checks what elements he needs to complete the order, and then traverses warehouse area to collect them and moves them to the place where the orders are prepared for shipment. For the next order, he performs the same actions once again. Thanks to automatic solutions, it is possible to modify the warehouseman’s work model and save time. Increased work efficiency of the warehouse quickly brings excellent results – employees have to cover much smaller distances, and the order picking process is significantly improved. In addition, use of warehouse automation allows you to effectively reduce the impact of the human factor on the processes taking place in the warehouse.

ibcsVoice the key to success

IBCS Poland has developed an effective solution that allows you to increase the work efficiency of the warehouse using the same resources. The solution is ibcsVoice – a middleware application that allows you to connect voice system with a storage system or ERP, all in real time. The main task of this tool is to retrieve data from the ERP / WMS system and later transfer them to the voice terminals. We have successfully implemented this type of solution at Alma Alpinex S.A., which is a leading distributor of food products in Świętokrzyskie region. The audit we performed at the client clearly showed that the order picking system used so far based solely on bar code readers did not guarantee a comprehensive order handling in peak periods. In used model, one operator carried out only one order in real time, which was then forwarded to one collection service. Despite the fact that this solution enabled efficient work of the warehouse while servicing the standard number of orders, it did not guarantee full service during peak periods. Ultimately, the customer uses the ibcsVoice voice system (integrated in the end with an already operating WMS system) based on Vocollect Talkman A500 and A700 terminals coupled with SR-20 and cordless SRX2 cordless headphones. Finally, the order picking process has been significantly simplified and the work of the warehouse has become more efficient. After implementing ibcsVoice system, the first step was to download the order assigned by the warehouse manager to the warehouseman. Subsequently, the voice system directs the employee to a specific location, which is verified using a check digit, and at the same time confirms the number of products taken. The whole cycle is repeated until the completion of the order, and the pallet to be shipped is placed in the release area and appropriately marked.