WOF EXPO 2021 in Bratislava

At the beginning of October, the international event WOF EXPO 2021 took place in Bratislava. It was an innovative meeting in the field of logistics, e-commerce and the entire supply chain, looking for and presenting opportunities for the entire "New Europe" region. In the event, IBCS

Scanning handle RFD40 RFID UHF

Scanning handle RFD40 RFID UHF If you want best-in-class reading speed so that your employees can complete tasks faster, and you need a device that can be easily reconfigured to work with other mobile systems - the RFD40 RFID UHF scanning holder will meet your expectations.

Zebra Mobile Computers

Zebra mobile computers – reliability, application intelligence and solid construction. These devices will prove themselves in many industries, as well as large and small enterprises. Zebra mobile computers will perfectly work as handheld barcode scanners, on-board computers or portable tablets. Whether they have Windows® operating system

Desktop printers Zebra ZD421/621

Zebra ZD421 and ZD621 4-inch desktop printers provide maximum performance and unmatched security for years of use and high-quality printing. They are available for thermal, thermal transfer, healthcare, RFID, ribbon cartridge and many different applications. Reliable printers will prove useful, among others in retail, health care,

mobile computers EC50/55

IBCS Poland presents the latest offer from Zebra Zebra: - mobile computers EC50 with Wi-Fi support and EC55 with Wi-Fi / mobile network support. These devices, thanks to their functionality and ergonomic shapes, will effectively increase the productivity of employees, their comfort of work and customer

RFID tagging in automotive – meet our solution

According to the guidelines developed by large car companies in cooperation with VDA, vehicle manufacturers will be obliged to mark their products with RFID tags. Read more about the details of these regulations and learn about the solution that allows them to be 100% met.

We are celebrating our 20th anniversary!

This year our company is celebrating its 20th anniversary. We are certainly more mature and more professionally experienced. We have undergone many changes, sometimes stormy. All of them finally brought strength and stability to IBCS Poland.

Android – what does it mean for our systems?

After Microsoft decided to leave the mobile market and withdraw from its further support, manufacturers of this type of device were forced to use its current competition - from Android. What does this mean in practice and what changes does it bring? You'll find the answer