IBCS Poland is the only representative of the Fetch Robotics in Poland

Fetch Robotics

More and more companies are appreciating the advantages of automating their activities. Companies recognize the potential of employees and try to make the best use of it, that is why they focus not only on improving employees’ productivity, but, where possible, start introducing autonomous robots.

There are more and more autonomous robots from various manufacturers in Poland. Now, you have a chance to look at the offer of the American company Fetch Robotics, whose only representative in Poland is IBCS Poland. Due to the fact that Fetch Robotics devices join the Omron and MiR robots already existing on the Polish market, we can talk about increasing competition of mobile robots. It is therefore worth taking a closer look at the offer of the new player.

Fetch Robotics robots – where and in what processes will they be used?

As autonomous robots work well in various companies (both large and slightly smaller ones), the demand for this type of solutions is growing. This is facilitated by the fact that they are devices that are easy to use and  facilitate the flow of many types of goods. Several types of robots can work in one location at the same time. They all help in collecting products, packaging and pallets.

Fetch Robotics devices, depending on the type, work well in the implementation of various processes. They can be used for supplementing the assortment and its delivery to production. They help in completing orders, quality control and in asset localization and tracking.

Autonomous robots are also helpful in product returns or order processing e-commerce – they are great for orders with the highest priority. They are an antidote to staff shortages.


Fetch Robotics

Heavy load? Transport box? Fetch Robotics comes to the rescue.

There are several types of Fetch Robotics robots. The big advantage of all of them is that they easily avoid various obstacles and independently plan the optimal route from point A to point B. What’s more, each type of mobile robot has its own unique features.

CartConnect100 allows you to automate a wide range of flows. It is used for lifting, carrying and putting down baskets. Its load capacity is 77 kilograms. It can be managed with a scanner and with the use of barcodes.

HMIShelf, a robot that is most often used in warehouses, helps in transporting packages, containers and products to any destination. It is the fastest autonomous robot for goods placement. Perfect for small and medium loads. Its load capacity is 78 kilograms. It can be managed using any smartphone or tablet.

RollerTop is used for slightly different purposes, i.e. a robot that ensures contactless flow of goods. Its advantage is the automation of loading and unloading with the existing conveyor system, and thus: improving their efficiency.

Freight 500/1500 is responsible for improving the efficiency of handling pallets and bulky items, while reducing dependence on forklifts, traffic and accidents. This robot is suitable for large and heavy loads and pallets. It improves picking and storage processes by eliminating the displacement of forklifts.

CartConnect500 is used to move boxes and smaller pallets, which has a built-in lift for picking up the load. It is responsible for the safe handling of containers, bulk containers and smaller pallet loads up to 227 kg in a dynamic warehouse environment. Work efficiency is improved by a compatible rack system.