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Technology in HoReCa branch evolves fast, form differ specialist solutions, such as cable TV, video monitoring, wireless and cable access to Internet and communication for convergent IP  network.

Nowadays, a lot – if not all – of these services and applications are delivered via convergent IP infrastructure of cable and wireless networks (WLAN). Such convergence simplifies management in a significant way and lowers maintenance costs.

However, the real power of IP network is the possibility to integrate different services and functions through application, which results in new services that haven’t even been thought of before. For example, the knowledge of exact arrival date and hour of the customer, his name and status in loyalty program, as well as way of welcome and personalized treatment influences the guest’s feelings and encourages him to come back. It helps to create atmosphere where the customer feels he’s being treated individually, in a way that fits his specific needs and preferences, which translates into more stays, greater loyalty and more money spent with each stay.

Exemplary uses:

  • membership in hotel’s loyalty program on gold level assures the member layer and frequency of higher level. With no additional charge, the member has access to Internet, can check his e-mail, take part in webinars or videoconference in his room, download and watch movies,
  • a customer on business trip who does not belong to loyalty program can use the system for business purposes, videoconferences and other tasks that require great bandwidth. The hotel charges premium fee for this level bandwidth access. This could encourage the guest to join loyalty program and buy next stays in the hotel in order to gain free access,
  • the needs of an average tourist travelling with his family can be limited only to surfing the Internet, checking e-mail, using Facebook and shopping online. Basic access to Wi-Fi is included in the price of the room.


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