icmInspector – system of mobile checks, controls and inspections

icmInspector logoicMobile is a platform of modern mobile IT solutions supporting management of business processes related to the coordination of mobile workers’ activities.

icmInspector module includes key functionalities related to conducting control, inspections and audits.


  • elimination of errors, misappropriations and fraud in control process, by enforcing only logically acceptable answers, registering data collection metadata, reading data in the form of barcodes and QR codes, reading data using NFC, photos with the recorded execution time,
  • shortening the analysis time of collected data by 100%, by automatically analyzing them through the central system, immediately when new data from inspections, surveys, etc. appear,
  • minimization of operational costs by shortening the time of preparation and distribution of materials and tools for the implementation of control activities thanks to replacing them with electronic versions with the possibility of their subsequent editing,
  • increasing the efficiency of employees responsible for checks and audits thanks to the tools for fast and error-free data collection, protecting against omission of key information and introducing the possibility of scheduling work.

Functionalities of the system of mobile checks, control and inspections:

  • building and management of electronic surveys with the possibility of assigning surveys to contractors, objects and users,
  • building and management of validated questions: selection from the list, content text, content number, barcode or QR scan, NFC scan, photo, selection from external list,
  • collecting data in electronic form via a web browser (on-line version) or an application for Android with the possibility of off-line operation (without continuous access to the network). The application is also planned for the iOS system,
  • unit reports - viewing the results of individual inspections with the possibility of exporting data and generating printouts in PDF format,
  • general reports - browsing and generating electronic reports with automatic data analysis and the ability to generate printouts in PDF format,
  • user and access rights management,
  • management of lists of objects,
  • management of system dictionaries.

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Jadwiga Horoszkiewicz-Kurnyta - Product Manager Mobile Systems