Vision and trends in logistics – coverage of our conference

Last week IBCS Poland and Zebra Technologies organized a conference “Vision and trends in logistics. Tracking the flow of goods and optimizing the loading process” in Airport Hotel Okęcie. We presented innovative solutions innovative solutions for tracking of goods flow and optimization of the loading process:

Zebra Location Solution – R(eal)T(ime)L(ocating)S(ystem)

RTLS allows you to comprehensively monitor resources and track real-time processes in an enterprise. State-of-the-art software and hardware can be used to locate resources and personnel, and thus to maximize supply chain performance. Thanks to the location in real time it is possible to automate business decisions, eliminate downtimes, locate so-called bottlenecks in the whole process and increase the speed of operations and workers productivity.


Zebra SmartPack™ Trailer

Zebra Technologies solution allows you to effectively plan loading process to maximize the use of load space. Thanks to this, it is possible to significantly reduce costs (possible transport using a smaller number of trailers), speed up work and increase productivity. In addition, SmartPack ™ Trailer software helps to collect and analyze loading data – density and loading quality, the level of filling of the semi-trailer and the number of scanned packages and loaded onto the trailer within one hour.


ibcsTracker  – tracking returnable assets

ibcsTracker software is designed to track returnable packaging or carriers based on the Tangle distributed ledger technology. It allows access to information on the current holder of a given returnable packaging and the availability and quantity of returnable packaging, as well as quick retrieval of missing packaging. This is extremely effective in minimizing delays in delivery caused by the lack of returnable packaging as well as supply planning.