Minimize problems, maximize profits

For effective delivery to customers, it is necessary to implement not only modern tools that facilitate employees to work reliably, but also solutions that will enable efficient monitoring of drivers’ work in real time and receiving electronic confirmation of delivery. We understand this perfectly, that’s why we have prepared the icmDostawca system, which allows you to optimize and shorten the time of loading, delivery, receipt and unloading orders, optimize costs in the area of ​​logistics and, above all, increase the level of customer service! How?

More than just a regular system

In the era of the huge amount of information processed, it is very important to organize them properly. The implementation of these tasks in a manual manner, with a sheet of paper and a pen, can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. That is why the icmDostawca system was created. It is a response to the high demand for an efficient system for monitoring the delivery of orders, which in turn allows you to reduce the number of complaints, as well as significantly reduce the time for settling sales with the customer. Thanks to icmDostawca, comprehensive quality and quantity control of loading, as well as delivery and acceptance control by the customer is possible. Drivers can quickly and efficiently confirm the delivery of goods using a digital signature, photo or NFC tags. Thanks to the data collection in real time, geolocation and data on the subject of the time of execution of specific tasks, full control over the course and status of the implementation of processes is possible. Handling complaints and returns, thanks to full electronic documentation, is much simpler and much more transparent icmDostawca system also significantly facilitates the work of drivers and suppliers through notification, attitudes and electronic confirmation of deliveries.

Benefits more valuable than you think

Thanks to icmDostawca, carriers can conveniently archive logistic information, and business owners or supply management specialists do not have to make hundreds of calls to confirm delivery of an order. Thanks to seamless access to information on the entire process, quick invoicing, delivery confirmation or initiation of complaints procedures are possible, which are much more efficient and, above all, generate significantly lower costs.