mobile computers EC50/55

IBCS Poland presents the latest offer from Zebra Zebra: – mobile computers EC50 with Wi-Fi support and EC55 with Wi-Fi / mobile network support. These devices, thanks to their functionality and ergonomic shapes, will effectively increase the productivity of employees, their comfort of work and customer service at the highest level.

These are the thinnest and lightest Zebra mobile computers, which increases the comfort of work regardless of the place of use. EC50 and EC55 offer a full range of possibilities. Devices of the future support a range of payment options and RFID technology. They provide unparalleled flexibility – in just a few seconds, a device that fits in a pocket can be converted into a full workstation, pistol scanner, walkie-talkie or PBX telephone for easy voice and text communication between employees.

Enterprise-specific Mobility DNA Suite, the most comprehensive set of utilities in the industry, improves virtually every aspect of device usage and sets a new level of ease of use, security and device management convenience. Tracking module in Mobility DNA allows you to easily find devices that are lost or put in the wrong place, even after the battery is depleted.

We also offer technical support and operating system security updates are available each day while the device is in use – for up to eight years – through an optional Zebra OneCare service contract. Additionally, regardless of whether the company is already using other Zebra mobile devices today or will use them in the future, the common platform makes it easier to transfer applications and IT support.