Not only personal hygiene matters during the pandemic

The fight against the spreading coronavirus doesn’t stop. People are obliged to avoid gatherings, follow basic hygiene rules and increase their efforts to strengthen their immunity. It is also very important to ensure the purity of what we use every day: electronic equipment. Especially since we touch it even hundreds of times a day!

dezyfekcja urządzeń

Based on the knowledge that doctors already have about the coronavirus that causes COVID-19, as well as its variants, it can be concluded that it spreads from person to person by droplet route. Although the transmission of the new virus crown from contaminated objects to humans has not been definitively documented, it is worth protecting yourself against it.

Current findings from scientists, however, may suggest that the new coronavirus may persist for a very long time. Its service life on various surfaces can last from several hours to even several days. Therefore, the best way to prevent COVID-19 is to clean visibly soiled surfaces and then disinfect them.

IBCS Poland, as an integrator of IT systems with the use of equipment, recommends the use of various cleaning solutions. For example, cleaning the scanner window, camera window and touch screen may be helpful in taking care of your portable computer. Importantly, in the case of the last two elements it is worth doing it as often as possible – it should also depend on the environment in which the computer is used.

It is important to use only those disinfectants that are designed to disinfect electronic devices and leave their properties throughout their lifetime.

The computer perfectly tolerates the use of the following cleaning products: a mixture of water and a 10% solution of acetic acid, a mixture of water and a 10% solution of ethyl alcohol, mild soap. All should be applied to a clean, soft cloth and then wiped dry as well.

IBCS Poland also recommends that you do not remove the battery during such procedures – it should remain in place when cleaning the computer.

In addition, remember to regularly clean other electronic devices as well. Thorough disinfection will also be useful for owners of telephones, tablets, printers and scanners. This is important not only at home, but also (and even especially) in workplaces and in public spaces.

It is worth noting that all new electronic devices we supply, such as scanners, portable computers or label printers, are already disinfected by manufacturers. IBCS Poland emphasizes: thorough and frequent hand washing, and procedures used for electronic devices are the key to an effective infection control strategy.