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Wristbands print

Zebra wristbands is a comfortable, effective and safe way of identification – whether they are hospital patients or guests of recreation centre. Thanks to clear, complete and error-free visual information including barcode printed on the wristband, patient treatment, access control and financial settlements can be performed flawlessly and safe. For uses requiring maximal flexibility of identification, we offer Zebra Smart Wristbands with in-built radio identifier (RFID), providing read and write functions. The data can be read even through clothes and bedding.

The assortment of Zebra wristbands includes sizes for adults, children and toddlers, different colours, self-adhesive clasps or press studs as well as versions for thermal transfer or thermal print.


Optimal uses:

  • safe and error-free patient identification in healthcare,
  • entrance for sports events, concert, water and theme parks,
  • cruise ships and spas – non-cash settlements.

Zebra wristbands are durable and offered in competitive prices. Apart from increasing efficiency, they also help in automation of data gathering, transfer and keeping data.

Field force automation

Mobile systems are up-to-date tools that enable field employees to operate more efficiently and effectively. These systems are applied in many areas of business where they:

  • increase work output and consequently boost revenues and increase competitivenes,
  • support logistic and business processes, allowing the goods to be delivered to the customer quicker,
  • optimize transport costs and thanks to automatic identification technology used in them minimize errors and completely eliminate paper documents.


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