Replace your used equipment and get a discount for Honeywell printers

Replace your used equipment and get a discount for Honeywell printers

Our business partner launches a great promotion. Used equipment (regardless of model and manufacturer) can be exchanged for a discount that you can use when buying new Honeywell printers

If you plan to replace a used printer and inform us about it, you will receive a special offer for the purchase of Honeywell printers as a bonus.

The promotion consists of two scenarios:

  • the customer exchanges 1-10 printers, specifies the quantity that he plans to replace / purchase and the model of the old printer and receives an additional discount (discount A) *
  • the customer exchanges> 10 printers, specifies the quantity, model and serial number and receives an offer that includes an additional discount (discount A and an additional 5% of the list price) *

** in both cases the amount of the discount depends on the selected model of the offered printer.

  • See which models are subject to Trade Terms at:

Honeywell PM42

The Honeywell PM42 mid-range industrial label printer is designed for maximum reliability and uptime. With a durable construction and an intuitive, user-friendly interface, it’s ideal for distribution center, warehouse, manufacturing, transportation and retail environments.

Honeywell PC42d

Powerful and reliable, the PC42d printer is well suited for a variety of low-to-mid intensity thermal printing applications – such as electronic express and logistics waybills, healthcare laboratory labels and wristbands, retail price tags and receipts, distribution center routing labels, boarding passes, and the like.

Honeywell PC42T

Exceptionally compact and easy to use, this printer is simple to install and ready to print quickly. Quiet, reliable operation and an intuitive design make the PC42t Plus the right fit for light-duty labeling applications in a variety of industries.

Honeywell PC23d / PC43d / PC43t

Available in two-inch wide direct thermal (PC23d), four-inch wide direct thermal (PC43d) or four-inch wide thermal transfer (PC43t) models, PC Series printers are perfect for space-constrained settings. Their low cost and fast operation make them the smart choice for light-duty labeling applications where users need reliable, easy-to-use printers.

Honeywell PD43

The PD43 and smaller PD43c series of light industrial thermal printers incorporate the latest printing innovations into a compact and affordable solution designed to deliver uncompromising print performance in the smallest possible footprint.

Honeywell PM43/PM43c

The PM43 and even more compact PM43c mid-range industrial printers deliver fast print speeds, drop-in deployment, advanced connectivity and proven reliability.

Honeywell PX4ie/PX6ie

The PXie Series industrial printers are built to meet the needs of round-the-clock, mission-critical applications. These rugged printers deliver advanced connectivity and network protocols, ensuring peace of mind today and a reliable, scalable solution for the long haul.

Honeywell PX940

The PX940 high-performance industrial printer with integrated label verification technology provides error-free printing.


  • lower costs related to illegible barcodes,
  • easy printing process,
  • the ability to independently implement the application in the printer,
  • control of other devices using a printer,
  • 100% accurate, error-free labels thanks to ISO certified label verification software,
  • independent configuration and updating of firmware and printing software from Operational Intelligence,
  • Honeywell's proprietary MDM platform.
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