Scanning handle RFD40 RFID UHF

Scanning handle RFD40 RFID UHF

If you want best-in-class reading speed so that your employees can complete tasks faster, and you need a device that can be easily reconfigured to work with other mobile systems – the RFD40 RFID UHF scanning holder will meet your expectations. What’s more, you can easily connect it to RFID solutions that support the latest Bluetooth connection.

Uchwyt skanujący RFD40 RFID UHF

The scanning holder is compatible with the latest Zebra mobile computers and provides excellent reading speed, flexibility and ease of management, thus affecting the ergonomics and work efficiency of various industries, among others. retail sales, healthcare, tourism, catering and event organization.

RFD40 RFID UHF Scanning Bracket Features and Benefits:

  • faster inventory and inventory counting time (1300+ tag readings / 1s)
  • ease of locating faulty items or resources
  • easy access to RFID reading, barcode scanning and other functions
  • PowerPrecision + battery with a capacity of 7000 mAh for longer working time
  • Zebra offers an eConnex adapter to support a variety of compatible mobile computers and future mobile devices
  • removable adapters allow for quick replacement while maintaining compatibility with newer mobile computers without the need to send
  • devices to the IT department for upgrades
  • protection against dust and water
  • resistance to falls from up to 1.5 m onto concrete
  • resistance to high and low temperatures


Scanning handle RFD40 RFID UHF (pdf)

Uchwyt skanujący RFD40 RFID UHF - praca w braży sprzedażowej
Uchwyt skanujący RFD40 RFID UHF- praca w magazynie