Sewio helps to fight Covid-19

Our business partner – Sewio is a UWB-based real-time location system (RTLS) vendor, announced today they are offering companies free consulting and software licenses to help them take the necessary steps to put in place the technology they need to save lives and help them hit the ground running with increased employee safety when manufacturing operations resume.

The current quarantining and other enforced measures are designed to save lives by containing the spread of the virus. However, once these restrictions are lifted, the pressure to restart manufacturing operations will increase. One of the very real dangers this brings is the risk of a covid-19 positive employee introducing the virus to the workplace, increasing the risk of infecting colleagues, endangering lives and placing the factory under quarantine again.


With its precise accuracy, ultra-wideband RTLS not only lets companies track the location of employees on their premises to help prevent the spread of infection by monitoring, with one click, anybody who has come into contact with a newly identified infected person, but it can save lives by making sure those exposed staff members are tested and receive the treatment they need as quickly as possible.

“UWB-RTLS powered “smarter”, faster and selective quarantining helps save lives and keep mission-critical operations running at all times,” explains Milan Simek, CEO at Sewio Networks.