Systems for warehousing
IT systems supporting warehouse operation and managing warehouse area in enterprises regardless of branch.
Mobile systems
Wide range of applications and systems dedicated to work on mobile devices, such as terminals, tablets and smartphones.
Mobile device management (MDM)
Solutions for mobile service of enterprise that enables management of mobile devices, applications, content, electronic mail and safety within safe and complex product.
Systems for manufacturing
IT solutions supporting enterprises in production processes, identification and product quality control, optimization of warehouse processes, tracking goods in supply chain.
Systems for label design and print
Solutions for label design, print and management.
monitorowanie czasu pracy
Systems for tracking work hours
Cloud solutions for monitoring employee working time and free human resources within projects or teams.
ewidencja środków trwałych
Systems for registering assets and fixed assets
Solutions for the registration of assets and fixed assets as well as inventory based on barcodes and RFID technology.
Zebra Device Tracker_logo
Tracking mobile devices
Device Tracker makes it easy to track and find all your lost and misplaced Zebra Android devices. It’s easy to deploy. No additional infrastructure is required.