Starting from today, controls and reviews will be a pleasure!


In many companies, control and inspection processes are the daily duty of controllers, employees of quality and maintenance departments. Employees complain mainly about time-consuming activities, extensive paper documentation, as well as the need to enter control data into the system. It often happens that the management learns with a long delay about problems in production process, machine downtime and a number of other undesirable activities. In addition, this information is incomplete, and laconic. This makes it impossible to take necessary and quick actions.Often, manufacturing companies lack the right tool to help speed up and automate the work of controllers and inspectors. To meet these expectations, IBCS Poland has created icmInspector solution. This tool supports the process of obtaining, analyzing and processing data from controls, audits, reviews and inspections.

One solution – many possibilities

The implementation of an innovative tool that supports inspections, inspections, reviews and audits carries a number of tangible benefits. In addition to improving the quality of the organization, the solution will help detect abnormal and undesirable situations in the company. Checks are not workable because the data is automatically saved, and contain date of the inspector, time, and even the location of control or inspection. This data cannot be modified.

Eliminating paper documentation and transferring control results to the system allows you to collect all data in one place, as well as quickly find previous surveys, inspections and reviews. Reporting module allows statistical analysis and trend analysis, so you can react almost immediately when any abnormalities and side effects occur.

Using an automatic tool, even on smartphones and tablets, we also minimize the possibility of making mistakes in data collection process, e.g. by forcing a number or scanning a bar code, NFC tag, or photo. The controller’s work is more effective and efficient.

One solution – an advantage for everyone

The unquestionable advantage of the solution is that thanks to the extended functionality, it can be used by many people in organizations responsible for various aspects.

Questionnaire creation module is a perfect tool for managers of quality and maintenance departments, or production managers who know what is important in terms of correct company processes, both in terms of product quality, and maintenance, proper operation of machines and devices. Thanks to possibility of setting alerts, they receive information about irregularities and even information about disturbing trends. Managers can also analyze data in the reports section, which allows the analysis of individual checks, as well as, for example, from a specific department.

Controllers and inspectors who physically carry out the inspection receive a simple tool that speeds up the process of completing the data, in addition, they do not have to be entered into another system from a paper document, because they are automatically sent to icmInspector system. In addition, they can add photos, scan barcodes and NFC tags to the results of their work.

One solution – and it changes so much!

The solution is undoubtedly a major convenience in the operation of the entire organization. Tiring and time-consuming checks and inspections become simpler and more effective. Data analysis is fast and supports the process of decision making and work planning.