WLAN networks

Extreme Wireless WiNG for professional WLAN networks

Technology of ExtremeWireless WiNG access points provides safety on corporate level and high efficiency for any LAN environment, providing unique comfort for users, regardless of where they move.

Indoor WiNG Wireless access points

WiNG AP 8533
WiNG AP 7532
WiNG AP 8432
WiNG AP 7622
WiNG AP 7622
WiNG AP 7632
WiNG AP 7522

Outdoor WiNG Wireless access points

WiNG AP 8163
WiNG AP 7562
WiNG AP 7662

Wall WiNG Wireless access points

WiNG AP 7612
WiNG AP 7602

Scalable ExtremeWireless WiNG controllers

Use of wireless ExtremeWireless WiNG controllers facilitates business processes thanks to one platform for wireless voice, video, may RF (Radio Frequency) technologies. These solutions guarantee flawless roaming, resistance to damage – they are highly reliable
WiNG VX 9000
WiNG NX 5500
WiNG NX 9600
WiNG RFS 4000
WiNG NX 7500

ExtremeWireless WiNG software and tools set for WLAN network management

Thanks to WiNG OS we can manage WLAN network and insight is provided. WiNG OS was design to scale efficiency from smallest networks to the largest geographically scattered implementations.
Extreme NSight