WOF EXPO 2021 in Bratislava

At the beginning of October, the international event WOF EXPO 2021 took place in Bratislava. It was an innovative meeting in the field of logistics, e-commerce and the entire supply chain, looking for and presenting opportunities for the entire “New Europe” region. In the event, IBCS Group was represented by native representatives from Bratislava, i.e. Kodys Slovensko.


WOF EXPO 2021 in Bratislava

WOF Expo brought three days of networking, knowledge sharing and professional discussions, and now it’s time for a summary. There were 43 panel discussions with many lively discussions – both at panels and among and with the audience. During the conference, over 120 experts shared their views on the digitization of transport, pioneering innovation, sustainable development and the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

In terms of the content of this year’s WOF Expo, panel discussions indicated new fields of activity for the industry. Attention was also paid to the current cybersecurity issues in the field of artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things. There were also topics related to the transition to a climate neutral economy, EU policy topics and BREXIT.


You can view selected sessions from the main stage below:

The conclusions and outcomes of the conference brought new ideas to meet the strategic challenges of the supply chain and transport. We have managed to provide the industry with the opportunity to meet again, network and discuss current hot topics in logistics and supply chains.