IBCS Spica Group

IBCS SPICA Group Alliance provides comprehensive solutions in the area of SCM (supply chain management)
to entities operating in Europe between the three seas – the Baltic, the Adriatic and the Black Sea.

IBCS Group, a leader in Central Europe in the field of design and implementation of advanced and innovative mobile applications for business, has partnered with the SPICA Group, a leading provider in the Adriatic region in the field of digital transformation solutions in human resources management and supply chain management.

The strategic goal of the partnership is, above all, to provide all clients from 10 countries of Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe with the highest quality services and solutions for their businesses. Thanks to the cooperation of two such rapidly developing and large-scale companies, it is possible to create a unique database of over 250 experts with over 25 years of experience that directly affects the possibilities and products related to efficient supply chain management offered to clients. In addition to the greater technological advancement of logistics processes, the IBCS-SPICA Alliance also allows maintaining the highest quality of customer service and maintenance and servicing of implemented solutions throughout the region covered by cooperation, and in local languages.

Long-term cooperation, transparent goal

Thanks to IBCS Spica Group partnership, it is possible to create a global offer for clients operating in Europe. Tight strategic cooperation allows us to offer comprehensive solutions in the area of supply chain management, which could not be implemented by acting autonomously. The cooperation of two leaders in the field of mobile solutions for business and automated identification enables offering customers much greater opportunities, and unified know-how facilitates a much better understanding of the implemented solutions.

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