IBCS POLAND SPÓŁKA Z OGRANICZONĄ ODPOWIEDZIALNOŚCIĄ realizuje projekt dofinansowany z Funduszy Europejskich pn. „ibcsDock/ibcsCloud: zautomatyzowany system rejestracji przepływu towarów w magazynie”.

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About us

IBCS Group

IBCS Group –an international provider of logistics optimization solutions using the latest automatic identification technologies.

IBCS Poland is a member of IBCS Group (International Bar Code Systems Group).

IBCS Group see more - IBCS Poland - systemy logistyczne

Operating in Central and Eastern Europe for over 3 decades, IBCS Group offers companies solutions that allow them to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations, and consequently reduce costs and contribute to the growth of a competitive advantage.

The group, apart from IBCS Poland Sp. z o.o., include BCS Bulgaria, IBCS Hungary Kft., KODYS spol.s r.o., KODYS Slovensko, s.r.o.

The group of experts of the group consists of nearly 170 people in 5 countries. Many years of experience of member companies and successful numerous implementations allow IBCS Group to offer a uniform standard of services throughout the region.

In each country, we provide the same, highest level of service and solutions, the implementation of which is always preceded by a detailed needs analysis and supported by in-depth knowledge of the market.



IBCS Group see more - IBCS Poland - systemy logistyczne
IBCS Group offers comprehensive solutions in the field of:
  • warehouse management (WMS),
  • monitoring of production processes,
  • In-Store process management,
  • supporting work in the field of sales representatives, service technicians or repair teams, mobile employees of companies from the TSL sector,
  • management and recording of fixed assets.


Thanks to international cooperation, IBCS Poland uses proven IT solutions, providing its clients with new opportunities to increase operational efficiency. Skilful combination of local experiences with knowledge of the best global practices allows, on the one hand, to support supra-regional companies planning development in Poland, as well as to help domestic companies expand into new geographic markets.