IBCS POLAND SPÓŁKA Z OGRANICZONĄ ODPOWIEDZIALNOŚCIĄ realizuje projekt dofinansowany z Funduszy Europejskich pn. „ibcsDock/ibcsCloud: zautomatyzowany system rejestracji przepływu towarów w magazynie”.

Barcode Readers

More efficient D1 scanning in harsh environments.

Barcode Readers - More efficient 1D and 2D scanning in harsh environments Barcode readers - IBCS Poland - systemy logistyczne

Eliminate redundant constraints:

  • incompatibility of readers with computers,
  • costly downtime related to service inspections,
  • difficulties in matching new devices to the technology operating in the company,
  • slow and inaccurate scanning process during the inventory,
  • instability of the wireless connection in remote sectors of the warehouse,
  • equipment failures caused by drops, moisture, low or high temperatures.

Check how barcode readers offered by IBCS Poland will free you from these problems and increase the efficiency of your warehouse.

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    Some flagship readers recommended by IBCS Poland experts

    Zebra LI2208 means speed and reliability in all conditions

    • effective scans from all types of surfaces – including screens,
    • guaranteed effectiveness from a distance of up to 76.2 cm,
    • barcode detection option – hands-free scanning.
    • uncompromising durability:
      • 100 drops to concrete from a height of 180 cm,
      • 1000 drops to other surfaces from a height of 50 cm, at room temperature,
      • single motherboard – reducing components means reducing the risk of failure,
      • protection class: IP42,
    • 5-year manufacturer’s warranty plus IBCS Poland extended service agreement. Choose your service terms

    See how much the LI2208 reader will speed up processes and reduce the risk of downtime in your company.

    Zebra LI3678 SR will give you even more performance

    With this reader, your employees can:

    • scan faster even labels that are damaged, dirty or covered with multiple layers of foil thanks to
      • about the smart scanner
      • with a head with a range of up to 106.7 cm,
      • with the strongest targeting pattern on the market,
    • continue to work without obstacles even after dropping the device on concrete from 2.4 m,
    • reduce the risk of damage in IP67 conditions, even in cold store,
    • Save time and energy with fast Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity.

    You can manage the entire series of scanners remotely. Updates, configurations, formatting and battery health checks are carried out through the free tools 123Scan2, Scanner Management Service and PowerPrecision+.

    Any questions? Do you want to check other devices offered by IBCS Poland and see how they will affect the efficiency and reliability of logistics processes in your company?

    If in business you value proven technologies that work for your profit continuously for many years, Zebra readers are for you.


    They trusted us

    “Many bidders applied for the implementation. However, the scope of the solution proposed by IBCS Poland, as well as additional elements related to network monitoring and management as part of these functionalities, determined the choice of this solution – explains Zbigniew Koplin from the District Dairy Cooperative in Piątnica.”

    “It is worth emphasizing that the efficiency of the warehouse increased above the assumed value. This contributed to real financial savings. We are fully satisfied with the implementation and its effects as well as cooperation with IBCS Poland.”

    “As intended, work ergonomics have improved, the number of errors has decreased, and warehouse processes have been optimised. The pick-by-voice technology has also contributed to speeding up the collection and dispensing stages, as well as increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of picking.”

    “The system is centralized and easy to manage from one place. It generates not only savings of funds, but also time savings – previously, manual printing was performed by employees and operators of all workstations. (…) The universal architecture significantly reduced downtime, facilitated service work and additionally largely eliminated human errors.”