IBCS POLAND SPÓŁKA Z OGRANICZONĄ ODPOWIEDZIALNOŚCIĄ realizuje projekt dofinansowany z Funduszy Europejskich pn. „ibcsDock/ibcsCloud: zautomatyzowany system rejestracji przepływu towarów w magazynie”.


Unique solutions that increase process efficiency and business profitability. If you are looking for logistics optimization methods that will allow you to stay one step ahead of the competition, check out our accessories.

Join companies gaining market advantage by implementing innovative solutions and improvements as one of the first in the industry.

Accessories - IBCS Poland - systemy logistyczne

Sanitize Box - ozonation with one button

If you need to sterilize personal items, such as glasses, telephones, keys, wallets or coins, bet on a safe, effective and easy-to-use technology of eliminating pathogens from their surface enclosed in a 22×16 cm housing.

How does Sanitize Box work?

  • After placing objects inside, close the device tightly.
  • Pressing the button activates the production of ozone with strong oxidizing properties.
  • Ozone evenly fills the entire space, penetrating even where popular cleaning methods fail.
  • Turning off ozonation is done with the same button.

The status of the device is shown by the LED. Power comes from a 12V battery

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    Mobile workplace - autonomy and safety

    Do you want to make your employees independent of access to the electricity network and provide them with the ability to use work tools exactly where they need them? Our solution will allow them to move around the warehouse with their own workstation. They will always have electricity from their own power source, a computer, a label printer and a charger for mobile devices on site. Reduce the risk of accidents and unnecessary foot traffic in the warehouse.

    A mobile workstation consists of:

    • steel cart with dimensions: 900x800x500,
    • shelf for additional materials and/or accessories (e.g. rolls of labels, ink ribbons, etc.),
    • wheels with brake.
    • battery and converter,
    • charging and protection system against total discharge and compatible with standard electrical sockets.

    Our customers appreciate this solution because it helps them get a mobile job: in situations where there are areas in a warehouse or in a production hall where there is no power supply or there is one printing station for many docks or production cells, the use of a battery-powered printer will allow you to become independent from the classic point of office. In addition, the station can be equipped with an industrial printer printing in thermal transfer technology /typical mobile printers are thermal/, thanks to which we can reduce printing costs and obtain long-lasting printing. The mobile station can also be equipped with a computer with a full client system, i.e. we get full functionality of the production system in any place of the warehouse, the only requirement is the availability of  WLAN network and  WiFi printer.

    Cubetape - digitalization of measurements

    This device incorporates the function of measuring and checking a volumetric scale with instant digital recording via Bluetooth or USB. If you want to perform efficient measurements at low cost, with Cubetape you will achieve the same effect as investing in tape measures and scanning gates. Pallets, packages and rectangular products can be measured quickly and efficiently. At the same time, you save time and energy, because the measurements are made on site, without transport to special points.

    Compact housing hides:

    • 3 meters of retractable measure,
    • OLED display 128×128 px,
    • 970 mAh battery with a life of 2 days,
    • digital readout function,
    • USB, irDA and Bluetooth solutions.

    Thanks to Cubetape, your employees will give up paper, error-prone notes. All measurements will be automatically saved and sent to the system.

    Intelligent equipment dispensing cabinets - automatic inventory control

    Zebra’s method for securely storing equipment and automatically assigning responsibility to the person retrieving the device on a shift.

    By implementing Zebra cabinets, you will secure work tools that determine the effectiveness and security of many processes in your company. You will also prevent unregistered damage, loss of equipment and blurring of responsibility for losses.

    The equipment in the cabinets will be secured and charged. During this time, the use of reports on the status of tools and the management of permissions to them will be possible remotely.

    This level of monitoring means lower equipment maintenance costs and a reduced risk of accidents as equipment is tracked and easily repaired or replaced in time. The data is uploaded to Zebra’s Access Management System.

    The capacity of the cabinet can be selected from 5 to 100 devices. Contracts available: for 1, 3 or 5 years.

    Are you thinking about providing service support for these and other logistics solutions?

    Our service policy prioritizes securing the continuity of your logistics processes. Thanks to flexible contract variants, you can have access to the helpdesk even 24/7. From telephone consultation to remote administrative support.

    In equipment repairs you can count on:

    • extending the manufacturer’s conditions,
    • logistic service,
    • restoring software,
    • tests after repairs
    • reconfigurations according to the characteristics of your processes.

    We also provide replacement equipment. Check and select your terms of service>>>

    Do you need more comprehensive service than implementing a single solution?

    Thanks to the history of over 1,500 IT implementations over 20 years, we quickly find and diagnose weak points in logistics processes. We modernize each company comprehensively.

    • We audit and optimize LAN/WLAN network.
    • We design and deliver a warehouse labeling system, with elements with written durability guaranteed up to 50 – 100 years.
    • We deliver new labels on time to meet your supply chain requirements. Including printouts of small batches on request and reprints in several hours in crisis situations.
    • We replenish consumables.


    Wymieniamy sprzęt na nowoczesny:

      • szybkie i elastyczne w konfiguracji skanery firmy Zebra, oparte o znajomy system Android,
      • szybkie i bezawaryjne sieciowe drukarki etykiet,
      • wydajne, automatyczne aplikatory etykiet, które przyspieszą tempo pracy bez nowych rekrutacji, a do tego zredukują liczbę sprzętu, punktów odbioru i etykietowania.
      • wydajne i zgodne z normami radiotelefony, które zsynchronizują pracowników na zmianie bez przerywania pracy i niepotrzebnego pokonywania długich tras.

    We replace the equipment with modern:

      • fast and flexible in configuration Zebra scanners, based on the familiar Android system,
      • fast and trouble-free network label printers,
      • efficient, automatic label applicators that will accelerate the pace of work without new recruitment, and reduce the number of equipment, collection points and labeling.
      • efficient and compliant radiotelephones that will synchronize shift workers without interrupting their work or traveling unnecessarily long distances.

    We implement modern technical solutions:

      • Voice picking systems.
      • RFID system, accelerating product scanning to several hundred readings per second and detecting incorrect composition of the order.
      • AMR robots that will take over and automate tasks related to the physical movement of goods and minimize the risk of traffic accidents in the warehouse.


    We design, implement and integrate IT solutions that create a coherent control system for various areas of logistics operation

    • ibcsTiger – WMS system – for efficient warehouse management and shortage prevention.
    • ibcsSnapEvidence – a system that will record events and recognize:
      • security incidents,
      • damage to the goods during transport, picking or packing,
      • packaging errors.
    • ibcsDetector – an AI-supported image analysis system that will ensure the safety of employees and immediately alert about problems
    • NiceLabel Designer – label printing management software
    • We conduct professional trainings that eliminate competence gaps.


    Take advantage of experience and implementation efficiency of IBCS Poland


    Skorzystaj z doświadczenia i sprawności wdrożeniowej IBCS Poland

    Professional consulting with initiative.

    We approach each object individually. We listen carefully to your observations. When planning implementations, we pay special attention to: the characteristics of the processes in the sales and warehouse hall and the methodology of cooperation of your team. We talk to employees at various levels to get to know the company’s problems and needs in the longest possible time horizon.

    Quick access to unique knowledge.

    We base our diagnostics on the basis of case studies and ready-made foreign solutions. Developed in the community of IBCS Group integrators (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria). In this way, we can react efficiently even to unusual problems.

    They trusted us

    “Many bidders applied for the implementation. However, the scope of the solution proposed by IBCS Poland, as well as additional elements related to network monitoring and management as part of these functionalities, determined the choice of this solution – explains Zbigniew Koplin from the District Dairy Cooperative in Piątnica.”

    “It is worth emphasizing that the efficiency of the warehouse increased above the assumed value. This contributed to real financial savings. We are fully satisfied with the implementation and its effects as well as cooperation with IBCS Poland.”

    “As intended, work ergonomics have improved, the number of errors has decreased, and warehouse processes have been optimised. The pick-by-voice technology has also contributed to speeding up the collection and dispensing stages, as well as increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of picking.”

    “The system is centralized and easy to manage from one place. It generates not only savings of funds, but also time savings – previously, manual printing was performed by employees and operators of all workstations. (…) The universal architecture significantly reduced downtime, facilitated service work and additionally largely eliminated human errors.”