IBCS POLAND SPÓŁKA Z OGRANICZONĄ ODPOWIEDZIALNOŚCIĄ realizuje projekt dofinansowany z Funduszy Europejskich pn. „ibcsDock/ibcsCloud: zautomatyzowany system rejestracji przepływu towarów w magazynie”.

LAN / WLAN network audit

Network audits ensure the security and efficiency of existing systems, and also ensure that new IT implementations run smoothly and do not generate additional costs due to network infrastructure limitations. We also conduct them before implementing the first network or optimizing logistics processes.

Audyt sieci komputerowej - przewodowej i bezprzewodowej (LAN/WLAN networks) - IBCS Poland
years of experience
Audyt sieci komputerowej - przewodowej i bezprzewodowej (LAN/WLAN networks) - IBCS Poland
Hundreds of
customers all over Poland
Audyt sieci komputerowej - przewodowej i bezprzewodowej (LAN/WLAN networks) - IBCS Poland
7 days
average audit time*
Audyt sieci komputerowej - przewodowej i bezprzewodowej (LAN/WLAN networks) - IBCS Poland

Are you planning to set up a network in a production or logistics facility?

Our experts will comprehensively examine the characteristics of the space with the help of documentation and a set of specialized measuring tools with their own power supply:

  • indicate the optimal places for access points to achieve full network coverage,
  • will show the coverage map on the facility plan. Including projected signal levels ー target signal not worse than -70dBm at each point,
  • provide documentation with a proposal for implementation: devices, configurations, arrangement of cabinets with switches, wiring routes,
  • will carry out a comprehensive installation and configuration, including the cybersecurity layer.

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    Do you have your own LAN / WLAN network that is causing problems?

    • it is not immune to signal interference – architectural and resulting from the movement of machines generating a magnetic field, or seasonal variability of the distribution of goods.
    • fails, is characterized by low efficiency and poor range.
    • not sure if it is dimensioned correctly.
    • there is no researched state of the radio spectrum.
    • overloads for unexplained reasons.
    • operates without a tight security policy and tools working according to it,
    • if it works in the vicinity of other networks on the same channel ー eg in a large logistics facility shared by several companies ー it is additionally susceptible to interference.

    As a result:

    • Workers on forklifts report disconnections between access points, forcing them to re-login to the network during each trip.
    • Slow connections and signal losses generate unnecessary costs because warehouse workers do not receive ongoing notifications about additional tasks in the aisles they are heading to.
    • When you encounter such situations, both existing solutions and each new project or modernization will be threatened by a series of failures and conflicts. This is always associated with unforeseen costs, disruption of cyber security and other unnecessary risks.

    Prevent unforeseen events. Start with audit.

    What effects can you expect from our audit?

    • Results of analysis of the current state of the radio spectrum.
    • Detection of the causes of poor coverage.
    • Inter-channel interference checks.
    • Recognition of factors overloading the network.
    • Classification of possible threats to network and data security.
    • Matching the frequency of access points to the environmental conditions.
    • Network Optimization Recommendation Report. Including PoE (Power-over-Ethernet) technology, which bases the functioning of the network on one type of cable.

    If the network implementation is carried out according to the recommendations of our specialists, you can save up to 50% of the costs on cabling alone.

    Are you planning to invest in new network technologies without an audit?

    • Assuming hardware replacement is sufficient, you may incur costly deployment failures that, in extreme cases, can result in network failure.
    • Deploying too many access points increases network maintenance costs and reduces its profitability.
    • Following the 5GHz trend without justification may weaken the signal strength of the access point compared to 2.4 GHz – the higher the frequency, the more difficult it is for the waves to overcome obstacles. If you base your entire network on higher frequency access points, you may need 30% more devices than with 2.4GHz.
    • Using standard installation methods costs your business the cost of double cabling – power and data.

    Don’t risk. Trust the efficiency and effectiveness of audits supported by 16 years of experience, as well as modern methods of analysis that save time and money for implementation.

    What activities may be included in sample IBCS Poland audit?

    Priorities: Security, Efficiency, Functionality.

    • Network detectionー11a, 802.11b, 802.11g/n/ac/ax.
    • Security reconnaissance – Open System, WEP, WPA, WPA2 ー and security testing in trials:
    • Open System: accessing the access point.
    • WEP: encryption key cracking.
    • WPA-PSK: brute force key cracking.
    • Security control of systems connected to the network – particularly vulnerable monitoring.
    • Verification of the SSID announcement mode and SSID value.
    • Recognition of the authentication mechanisms of pages ー with login data.
    • Detection of all networks and devices working on a given channel and check for interference.
    • Network architecture and configuration analysis. With particular emphasis on optimizing roaming capacity – smooth switching of devices between access points without relogging or dropping connections.
    • Optimizing the placement of access points to increase coverage, overcome wave obstacles and reduce investment costs for new devices.

    Need to know more? If the information you need is missing here, please contact us. We will be happy to answer your questions.

    They trusted us

    “Many bidders applied for the implementation. However, the scope of the solution proposed by IBCS Poland, as well as additional elements related to network monitoring and management as part of these functionalities, determined the choice of this solution – explains Zbigniew Koplin from the District Dairy Cooperative in Piątnica.”

    “It is worth emphasizing that the efficiency of the warehouse increased above the assumed value. This contributed to real financial savings. We are fully satisfied with the implementation and its effects as well as cooperation with IBCS Poland.”

    “As intended, work ergonomics have improved, the number of errors has decreased, and warehouse processes have been optimised. The pick-by-voice technology has also contributed to speeding up the collection and dispensing stages, as well as increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of picking.”

    “The system is centralized and easy to manage from one place. It generates not only savings of funds, but also time savings – previously, manual printing was performed by employees and operators of all workstations. (…) The universal architecture significantly reduced downtime, facilitated service work and additionally largely eliminated human errors.”