IBCS POLAND SPÓŁKA Z OGRANICZONĄ ODPOWIEDZIALNOŚCIĄ realizuje projekt dofinansowany z Funduszy Europejskich pn. „ibcsDock/ibcsCloud: zautomatyzowany system rejestracji przepływu towarów w magazynie”.

EVIDEI fixed assets inventory system

Greater warehouse efficiency and legal certainty


EVIDEI fixed assets inventory system - IBCS Poland - systemy logistyczne
companies using the program
EVIDEI fixed assets inventory system - IBCS Poland - systemy logistyczne
saving 9
salaries of one employee during inventory period*
EVIDEI fixed assets inventory system - IBCS Poland - systemy logistyczne
faster inventory
EVIDEI fixed assets inventory system - IBCS Poland - systemy logistyczne

System description

Inventory system is a module of the WMS system, but it can function as a separate application. It radically facilitates stocktaking and guarantees compliance of the process with statutory requirements. It identifies and counts fixed assets and equipment, facilitating their management.

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    If inventories in your company are time-consuming and expensive due to:

    • tedious counting of all fixed assets one by one,
    • the inevitable lack of precision or chaos associated with manual inventory,
    • waste of time detecting human errors and correcting them,
    • lack of support for the relevant database, which makes it impossible to compare the results of the inventory in individual periods or departments and to analyze the data,
    • the risk of non-compliance of processes with the law,

    or if you are using inventory software, but it causes problems like:

    • complicated service, forcing to start trainings for new employees,
    • lack of compatibility of the inventory system with other tools in your company,
    • the need to block warehouse management systems for the time of stocktaking,
    • high costs of software and hardware facilitating this process,
    • no option to read RFID tags, which forces you to physically reveal the barcodes of fixed assets,


    Check exactly how much you can gain by implementing EVIDEI module?

    Are you looking for the best inventory software on the market?

    If you limit yourself to the provider of the application itself, doubts will quickly arise.

    • Is this program optimal for our company?
    • How to integrate it with other systems?
    • Will employees learn to take stock in the new way quickly enough?
    • Will the solution fit our equipment – or: What scanners do we need?
    • If the hardware needs to be replaced, will the software limit us in choosing a new one?
    • Who to call in case of problems, failures and incompatibilities when hardware and software come from different sources?


    Save time and reduce the risk of downtime due to technical issues.

    At IBCS Poland, we will build a complete inventory process for your company. Modern, efficient and resistant to environmental factors.


    • We will analyze your existing processes and fixed assets,
    • we will advise optimal solutions in the field of hardware and software,
    • we will comprehensively implement the new system and integrate it with the rest of the processes,
    • we will select all the necessary equipment to match the current needs (such as scanning in conditions of high humidity or the risk of interference) and be ready for the future – e.g. efficient finding of fixed assets after a change of location,
    • we will advise you on how to efficiently carry out inventories to use the full potential of our software and hardware,
    • we will provide advisory and service support for each component of the inventory system. Check the terms of service>>>

    Are you considering an upgrade in the inventory area? Check how much you can save thanks to EVIDEI

    They trusted us

    “Many bidders applied for the implementation. However, the scope of the solution proposed by IBCS Poland, as well as additional elements related to network monitoring and management as part of these functionalities, determined the choice of this solution – explains Zbigniew Koplin from the District Dairy Cooperative in Piątnica.”

    “It is worth emphasizing that the efficiency of the warehouse increased above the assumed value. This contributed to real financial savings. We are fully satisfied with the implementation and its effects as well as cooperation with IBCS Poland.”

    “As intended, work ergonomics have improved, the number of errors has decreased, and warehouse processes have been optimised. The pick-by-voice technology has also contributed to speeding up the collection and dispensing stages, as well as increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of picking.”

    “The system is centralized and easy to manage from one place. It generates not only savings of funds, but also time savings – previously, manual printing was performed by employees and operators of all workstations. (…) The universal architecture significantly reduced downtime, facilitated service work and additionally largely eliminated human errors.”