Use of INVEO 3 system for stocktaking of warehouse goods

ELEKTROBUDOWA Inc. has been present on the market since 1953. In 1953, the enterprise was transformed into joint venture, and since 1996 it has been noted on Warsaw Stock market. ELOKTROBUDOWA Inc. provides complex construction and montage services, realizing investments connected with energy, petroleum and chemicals, mining and public building construction industries. The Company also focuses on production of electricity switchgears , low and high voltage switchgear and electricity stations and systems. ELEKTROBUDOWA Inc. took part in construction of almost all Polish power stations and power plants.

‘The aim of implementation of INVEO 3 was to enable fast verification of warehouse inventory level with the use of tool independent from the main warehouse system. INVEO 3 is highly recommended by our company. In short time, it allowed for fast inventory of stock level as well as inter-area shifts in our warehouse.” – said Roman Grzelak, Finance Director, ELEKTROBUDOWA Inc.

Fast modification of INVEO for warehouse inventory needs

One of the basic assumptions for asset management system is identification of fixed assets in their location. Quantity verification for fixed assets and goods in warehouse does not differ at all, yet verification of assets and commercial goods in fixed location is a completely different process. The aforementioned difference emerges from the fact that inventory number encrypted as barcode determines one fixed asset, whereas goods index is the same for all items scattered all over warehouse.

Due to this, a question arose: how to perform fast warehouse stocktaking so that the worker does not have to read location with each reading of consecutive index.

“The solution was fairly easy. It was enough to use already existing mechanism in INVEO 3, read location code, e.g. a stillage shelf, and, add location code to each index read in this location on software level of the reader. Thanks to this, until location change such as next shelf or stillage, the workers read only indices, introducing quantity data – which made the work much faster.” – informs Krzysztof Dyl, Warehouse Director Deputy, ELEKTROBUDOWA Inc.

The settlement process of inventory differences, taking quantity and location into account, progresses without the need of additional changes in the system. In this case, it is identical for fixed assets and warehouse goods. The first step is to divide all data into a few logical groups: COMPATIBLE, NEW, LACKS, DIFFERENCE. Second stage is settlement of each logic group. The first three groups are relatively easy to analyze, yet DIFFERENCE group requires additional division into differences of quantity, location on both.

‘The fact is that, with the exception of time for a small correction in the system observed during stocktaking, after a few days after inventory started, warehouse data was modified for over 3000 goods indices in over 600 locations in customer’s main system.” – declares Piotr Piętka, INVEO 3 Project Manager in Income.

INVEO 3 is highly recommended by our company. In short time, it allowed for fast inventory of stock level as well as inter-area shifts in our warehouse.

Roman Grzelak
Finance Director