Environmentally friendly FSC certified labels, free from harmful BPA

IBCS Poland is a manufacturer of FSC-certified labels, which means that our labels are made of wood in compliance with responsible forest management. The raw materials on which we rely are 100% derived either from recycling ♻ or from controlled wood, i.e. obtained:

✅ In accordance with applicable law;

✅ Without violating customary and civil rights;

✅ From forests whose natural assets are not endangered;

✅ From areas not converted into plantations;

✅ From non-genetically modified trees.

The FSC certificate guarantees good environmental practices in both the production process and the supply chain. By purchasing goods marked in this way, we can be sure that their creation has not contributed to environmental damage.

BPA, or Bisphenol-A, is a chemical substance that is a potential threat to the health of people who interact with it, currently being tested for carcinogenicity. It is used for the production of plastics and thermal materials, where it acts as a coating on paper. 🇪🇺 The European Union has been introducing a ban on BPA since January 2020 ⛔

Without waiting for the entry into force of EU regulations, IBCS Poland already provides its customers only thermal paper made from BPA-free raw materials, and therefore completely safe for human health.

Choosing an FSC certified product that is BPA free is a responsible choice 👍 🆗

Certyfikat FSC