ibcsDragon application is software designed by IBCS Poland, which allows mobile accomplishment of processes managed by external systems (ERP, MES, etc.). Business logic remains in the external system, and the task of ibcsDragon is to accomplish this logic with help of mobile terminals and automatic identification technology (barcodes, RFID, etc). ibcsDragon can be used a mobile client of the aforementioned systems of enterprise management.

ibcsDragon application can be used in manufacturing and distribution warehouses that have so far been managed with paperwork. The system can also be used on production for mobile registration of chosen production operations.


  • accelerating processes:
    - possibility to accomplish operations in any place (wireless communication),
    - electronic data registration,
  • reduction of administration costs:
    - record of registered documents directly to database,
    - paperwork elimination,
  • error reduction:
    - up-to date verification of data accuracy,
    - use of 1D/2D and/or RFID barcodes for data entry,
  • data visualisation::
    - registration of additional data, not present in master system,
    - data presention in dashboards, using BI tools.

ibcsDragon functionality:

  • registration of logistic documents (entry, issue, stocktaking, etc.) with help of mobile terminals,
  • use of automatic identification technology for data gathering (barcodes of RFID),
  • archiving registered operations,
  • logic of warehouse management located in external system (WMS, GM module of ERP system, etc.).

Realization of documents is accomplished with help of mobile terminal. The operator chooses a script to perform and then, optionally, a document transferred from external system to be processed at a given moment. After choosing the document, data shown in the script for given type of document is registered. Registered data is later transferred to external system through server module.

The system archives gathered data and, with help of administration application, enables creating dedicated reports and summaries.