LAN network

Extreme Networks solutions for backbone network and LAN network edge

A series of efficient and reliable ExtremeXOS switches

A versatile family of intelligent switches that provide routing and stacking with speed up to 160Gbps. The switches are easy to install and manage, they allow simple scaling of port density, bandwidth and network services. Full administration possible thanks to advanced, unified management system and ExtremeControl that enforces policies based on roles of wireless and cable networks.


Economic family of layer switches from ExtremeSwitching 200 series

Designed for enterprises, branch offices and small and medium sized companies that are looking for key functions in flexible, yet simple solutions.

ExtremeSwitching 220 Series
ExtremeSwitching 210 Series

Hewlett Packard Enterprises from Aruba series for corporations and OfficeConnect for smaller organizations.

A series of Aruba switches provides efficiency and flexibility in corporate class in mobile networks

Aruba switches are easy to implement and manage thanks to advanced tools for safety and network management, such as Aruba ClearPass Policy Manager, Aruba AirWave Aruba Central cloud.

Aruba 5400 zl2
Aruba 2530
Aruba 3810M
Aruba 2930M

Advanced and intelligent HPE OfficeConnect switches for smaller organizations

These switches are ideal for environment where applications require large bandwidth and where easy configuration and network management are essential.

HPE OfficeConnect 1920