Maximum performance

The management of the distribution cycle is carried out through specific logistics tasks. Striving to ensure the highest possible quality of services is achieved due to meeting deadlines and delivery of complete, undamaged goods. In turn, pursuit of cost minimization is accomplished by limiting the size of inventories, as well as taking full advantage of available resources – both warehouse space and employees. These tasks emphatically stress that effective management of logistics processes consists of many different spheres associated with individual tasks. Summing up, in order to achieve ever-better economic and quality effects, it is necessary to implement process automation that will increase productivity and eliminate errors.

VoiceDirect ERP, or top-level productivity

Vocollect VoiceDirect ERP significantly improves SAP standards and uses SAP NetWeaver Landscape in the maximum way, thanks to which it is possible to use voice commands for SAP-WM and EWM storage modules. In addition, the solution enables the use of SAP Mobile Data Entry screens for specific tasks – Selection, Depositing and Census of Goods. Thanks to this voice tool, warehouse cycle management is much more efficient – the tool allows, by improving productivity and increasing accuracy, to achieve an increase of up to 5% per year.