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Motorola XT600d radios

Radiotelefony Motorola XT600d_urządzenie

Motorola XT600d radios will help you contact an individual, group or even the entire team in your organization in an intuitive and trouble-free way. Their easy operation and advanced design, as well as high quality and functionality are dedicated for modern enterprise, in which fast connectivity gives greater efficiency and competitiveness.

Digital – analogue radios do not require a license, thanks to which their use is very wide, from communication in closed rooms, such as warehouses, in production, in office buildings, but also outside, e.g. on construction sites, during outdoor events or tourist trips. This handy device is perfect for coordination of many tasks and will allow you to have constant contact with the team.

Benefits of using Motorola XT600d radios:

  • individual and team connections,
  • saving 512 contacts,
  • remote on / off / blocking and audio monitoring,
  • sending SMS (128 i.e.; 50 ready templates; full keyboard),
  • recording / playing back calls up to 15 minutes,
  • high quality audio.

Features XT600d radio

  • analog frequency range - PMR446 (446.0 - 446.2 MHz1); Digital - 446.1 - 446.2 MHz, 446.0 - 446.1 MHz2,
  • audio output power - 1.5W,
  • number of channels - 128 (4 zones X 32 channels),
  • channel spacing Digital - 6.25 kHz - Analog - 12.5 kHz (XT660d), 12.5 / 25 kHz (XT665d),
  • dimensions (with standard Li-Ion battery) - 116 x 57 x 38mm,
  • weight (with standard Li-Ion battery) - 262g,
  • average working time (5/5/90 cycle with a standard Li-Ion3 battery) up to 20 hours with the energy saving mode on,
  • degree of protection IP55,
  • transmitting power 0.5 W.
Radiotelefony Motorola XT600d użycie w magazynie

Motorola XT600d radios will immediately facilitate communication and increase your team productivity.
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