Hardware IT

RFID ibcs Gate
ibcsGate – RFID gates system
ibcsGate solution allows you to verify people or incoming / outgoing products without the need for physical control or counting.
Autonomous works
Autonomous robots
Autonomous robots (AMR) are used to optimize and automate internal logistics by increasing productivity and reducing labor costs.
Label applicator_image
Label applicators
Printing and labeling devices that facilitate and accelerate process of labeling products on assembly line.
Mobile computers, vehicle-mounted computers & tablets
A wide range of mobile computers, vehicle-mounted computers and tablets, with in-built barcode reader, keyboard and screen. These devices enable reliable and fast data collection, storage, processing and analysis, creating reports, data transfer.
Barcode, 2D and DMP scanners, micro kiosks
Barcode scanners for many branches, especially for such as retail, manufacturing and industry, transport and logistics. Can be used n various configurations depending on work environment with a wide selection of accessories and support services.
Vision systems
Advanced systems for automated vision control provide identification, quality inspection, measurements and sorting. They reduce human error and defects on stage of production. They increase efficiency and profitability.
Barcode label and card printers
Label and plastic card printers for industrial or office use, stationary and portable, thermal or thermo transfer print.
Labels, ribbons and plastic cards
Adhesive labels of different durability and use, for which we select thermo transfer ribbons, depending on material use and type of printer.
plastic cards
Plastic cards
A wide selection of plastic cards and a wide range of personalization options allow you to customize the cards to suit your needs.
LAN network
Hardware and accessories for designing LAN network, providing communication management and charge of peripheral network devices (e.g. AP, VoIP phone).
WLAN networks
Hardware and accessories for designing WLAN networks, providing communication between mobile devices and LAN.
Radio identification systems support supply chain management, tangible assets inventory and stocktaking. They are built based on stationary RFID gates or mobile terminals.
Voice hardware
Voice terminals with headset that enable two-way exchange of information with voice commands between warehouse worker and IT system that manages warehouse operations.
Automated Locker Systems for dispensing and storing devices
Automated Locker Systems for storing can manage, track and control a wide range of supplies, forward stock kits, parts, tools, handheld assets 24/7
Two-way radios
Two-way phones provide effective coordination and communication between workers on the move. These devices allow faster and more effective reaction, thus increasing customer service quality.
Mobile work stand
Print lables, scan barcodes in any place, at any time!
hand scanners - ProGlove
ProGlove - hand scanners
ProGlove are special scanners worn on your hand. They allow you to quickly scan products, control and instantly correct any errors.
CubeTape - a device for volumetric weight measurement
A device for volumetric weight measurement
Cubetape eliminates the need to work with a measuring tape and paper and introduces an alternative to expensive gates scanning parcels on a sorter belt.
Sanitize box
Sanitize Box
A box in which a highly oxidizing ozone is produced, with the help of which it is possible to disinfect, sterilize and eliminate viruses, bacteria, mold and fungi from devices used every day.