We are celebrating our 20th anniversary!

20 lat IBCS Poland

Dear customers, partners and friends

We are pleased to announce that this year our company is celebrating its 20th anniversary. We are certainly more mature and more professionally experienced.

During 20 years of our activity we have undergone many changes, sometimes stormy. All of them finally brought strength and stability to IBCS Poland. At the same time, they caused dynamic development and incredibly fast technological progress. We know that we are able to perfectly adapt to changing market conditions. We not only follow new trends and technologies, but we also successfully introduce them ourselves, improving our clients’ businesses.

Of course, without you, our customers, partners and employees, we would certainly not be where we are now. For us, the most important is continuous development and it is the desire to improve that constantly mobilizes us to progression.

The world around us is changing. Robotization and automation are becoming more and more bold in various branches of the economy. That is why we assure you that our company is still ready, as never before, to introduce and implement these technologies on the Polish market.

Thank you very much for your cooperation

Jarosław Ćwikła
Prezes IBCS Poland

Jarosław Ćwikła IBCS Poland

Łukasz Iwanczewski
Wiceprezes IBCS Poland

Łukasz Iwanczewski IBCS Poland