ibcsTiger WMS

ibcsTiger system is a WMS (Warehouse Management System) class program created by IBCS Poland, based on 16 years of experience in this branch. It is a system designed and dedicated for workflow management and goods storing in finished goods and raw goods warehouse, distribution centres. The system concentrates on user’s needs, providing ease of use, minimizing implementation time and total costs of warehouse operations.

ibcsTiger system:

  • supports management on every level of functioning in any compound warehouse,
  • integrated with automatic identification systems,
  • flexible and scalable – adapted to individual needs and warehouse size
Pełna zgodność z systemem GS1

Benefits of implementing ibcsTiger system:

  • real implementation of warehouse strategy (FIFO, FEFO, LIFO, others) - complete information about location of every batch,
  • less time and cost of warehouse operations:
    - location direction,
    - fast location of goods,
    - multipicking,
    - staff training,
  • less picking errors (less complaints) - automatic identification and control,
  • maximum use of available warehouse area:
    - allocation to storage location,
    - picking area management,
  • shorter stocktaking:
    - automatic identification,
    - location blocking vs. warehouse stoppage,
  • constant information about available stock:
    - real time operations,
    - batch/carrier management,
  • performing operations with added value for the client (services for clients),
  • elimination of paperwork in warehouse operation:
    - lower costs,
    - paperwork vs. task oriented work,
  • easy traceability:
    - history and tracking of products origin,
    - compatibility with GS1 system,
  • warehousemen control - efficiency analysis; who, what and when
  • safety - individual authorisation for workers (assigning range of operations),
  • flow integrity:
    - goods flow control,
    - management of returnable packaging flow.

Functionality of ibcsTiger solution

Using mobile device equipped with barcode scanners, warehouse workers register each movement of goods in warehouse for whole time, from delivery of goods from production or external source to the moment of shipment to the client. ibcsTiger solution can operate basic warehouse processes, such as:

  • entry,
  • picking and shipment,
  • assembling sets (co-packing based on recipes and re-packing),
  • stocktaking and internal transfers.

The dispatcher can assign operations to workers and then monitor progress. Apart from basic functionality, ibcsTiger system offers additional functions supporting warehouse operations:

  • optimization of picking path and allocation to storage location,
  • supply management – stocktaking, batch blocking, batch tracking,
  • full registry (entry, issue, balance for recipients and suppliers) and management of returnable packages and carriers (containers, pallets and others), storage container service (additional module),
  • hierarchic structure of logistic units: possibility to operate carriers (pallets), packages (cartons) and various measurement units,
  • quality control, certificate registry for batches, managing quality status,
  • full traceability for products/batches/carriers stored in the warehouse,
  • access to full functionality of the system via WWW,
  • scheduling shipments and loads according to delivery dates, creating shipping schedule, supervising dispositions attached to transport, elements of dock management (additional module).

ibcsTiger system can cooperate with ibcsVoice system.