IBCS POLAND SPÓŁKA Z OGRANICZONĄ ODPOWIEDZIALNOŚCIĄ realizuje projekt dofinansowany z Funduszy Europejskich pn. „ibcsDock/ibcsCloud: zautomatyzowany system rejestracji przepływu towarów w magazynie”.

DB Schenker

DB Schenker

Schenker Logistics is a world leader in transport and logistics. More than 65,000 employees in approximately 2,000 locations around the world generate annual revenues of close to €15 billion.

DB Schenker Logistics Polska has 17 centers throughout the country. It has traditionally used standard mobile devices for its courier and express services, but not for small groupage units. The company appreciated the benefits that faster data flow and greater accuracy can also bring to this side of the business.


Bulk transport is usually the cheapest and most effective way of transporting goods. However, this carries an increased risk of lost packages and parts or incorrect deliveries.

DB Schenker Logistics Polska previously worked with time-consuming paper-based processes, which carried the risk of human errors and missing documents. They wanted to equip their groupage drivers with standardized mobile computers so that they could download and upload all delivery and shipment data such as timetables, POD documents, route maps and delivery instructions in real time.

DB Schenker Logistics Polska has stringent requirements for its terminals: an extremely efficient scanner, a large, legible display (also outdoors), excellent battery life and resistance to weather conditions and falls. After a difficult tender process and the pilot stage, the company chose the Zebra Technologies MC9596-K mobile computer for implementation by IBCS Poland.


DB Schenker - współpraca AutoID i IBCS Poland przy wdrożeniu komputerów mobilnych Zebra MC9596-K


MC9596-K is perfectly suited to the harsh logistics environment of DB Schenker Logistics. Drivers praised its industry-leading scanner and high-capacity battery.

And while it’s slimmer and smaller than some mobile computers, it’s reliable and rugged, with an IP67 seal. However, in the event of damage, DB Schenker Logistics also has a five-year Zebra OneCare contract to protect its investment.

  • Driver productivity has increased, with an estimated time saving of 5% per day.
  • Reduced paperwork increased accuracy and job satisfaction.
  • Drivers are more organized and able to make better deliveries every day.

Internal teams and customers can now access accurate real-time delivery data, with improved data flow and visibility across the entire supply chain; i.e. DB Schenker Logistics Polska can provide better service – over 90% of deliveries are reported in real time.

This has translated into an increase in the number of customers and their satisfaction, and DB Schenker customers can now also make more informed, faster business decisions, which can also lead to increased profits for their companies.



In cooperation with an integrator of auto-ID solutions and a long-term business partner of Zebra Technologies, IBCS Poland at DB Schenker Logistics Poland has implemented reinforced mobile computers of the Zebra MC9596-K series for drivers delivering small parcels throughout the country.

IBCS Poland configured each MC9596-K by installing software from vendors such as GT Nexus and Markit prior to delivery and training.


Kierowcy grupowi szybko przyjęli nowe komputery mobilne Zebra i używają ich do uzyskiwania dostępu do rejestrów ładunków, stanów dostępności i automatycznych list wysyłkowych.

Skanują każdą paczkę opuszczającą magazyn, ładowaną na ciężarówkę i ponownie przy dostawie. Tam, gdzie to możliwe, przechwytują również podpis POD na ekranie; dane wyznaczonych sygnatariuszy mogą być przechowywane w celu regularnych dostaw. Kierowcy mogą uzyskać dostęp do dodatkowych informacji dotyczących paczki, takich jak okno dostawy, potrzebna dokumentacja lub wymiana palet, a także mogą ustawiać i aktualizować harmonogram dostaw w trakcie pracy. Mogą robić zdjęcia, wysyłać wiadomości i dzwonić do zajezdni lub centrali. Automatyczne blokowanie i hasła uniemożliwiają dostęp do danych osobom nieuprawnionym.

Customer feedback

Being able to provide our customers with up-to-date information is crucial. Now we have equipped our drivers with Zebra mobile computers, accurate and complete information about shipments and individual packages is downloaded to our systems in real time.

This allows our customers to know exactly when their customers are receiving their packages, which means they can make business decisions faster, respond to their customers’ needs and speed up invoicing processes.

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