Image analysis – check what it is all about!

Image analysis – check what it is all about!

Nowadays, cameras can be found almost everywhere, incl. in public buildings, on the streets and increasingly also in private companies. They have various applications – they ensure safety, monitor the work, but also confirm the correctness of production or completion of the shipped goods. Times when people sitting in front of the monitor dealt with such observation are slowly becoming a thing of the past. The future is artificial intelligence. We explain how modern image analysis works!

What is image analysis?

Image analysis uses modern cameras that collect information about objects and then transmit it to the processor. Artificial intelligence is able to detect anomalies and inform the user about them, thanks to which the employee can react to them appropriately, e.g. check a defective element or deplete a damaged product.

More advanced systems are able to recognize faces and on this basis, for example, authorize a given person. They can also distinguish humans from animals, which is useful, among others, in on construction sites where it is necessary to monitor, for example, machinery or materials. Such “smart cameras” make it possible to replace the employees who guard the facility. They do not get tired (they can work continuously), they are much less wrong and they are much cheaper to maintain. At the same time, they are almost self-sufficient – they engage a person only when irregularities are detected.

Image analysis in IBCS Poland offer

IBCS Poland, using platform and Microsoft Azure resources, has created an image analysis system that allows you to define and train an artificial intelligence algorithm to detect or classify objects in the photo. Teaching AI in a specific model allows you to assign defined characteristics.

An example of detection is the detection of the presence of a label on packaged products. The algorithm can also learn to distinguish a properly assembled pallet from a crooked one, or a correctly manufactured element / product from a defective / damaged product.

For the machine learning algorithm to work, you need to provide it with a set of data on which it will learn. In this case, these are photos of objects. After loading them, you need to indicate which of them belong to which category (e.g. which are correct and which are not). After completing the learning cycle, the algorithm can successfully analyze photos of products, packages, pallets, etc.

The system can also be integrated with access control devices, thanks to which, after analyzing the image and receiving the result, for example, it will not allow a person without a mask to enter the premises. It can also be used to control other elements of the clothing of employees, e.g. to detect whether they are wearing a helmet or protective glasses in accordance with health and safety requirements.

We encourage you to register at and familiarize yourself with our systems. It is especially worth paying attention to the ibcsImageAnalyzer system, which uses artificial intelligence to analyze the image. Improve the operation of your company by supporting your employees with the latest solutions!