Internet of Things – check what it is!

Internet of Things – check what it is!

Technological innovations have a huge impact on everyday life, but most of all they contribute to the development of industry. The implementation of modern facilities allows for faster, easier and more efficient production of products and provision of services. Cooperating machines are more and more often able to help people. We explain what so-called The Internet of Things and what role it plays in the Fourth Industrial Revolution!

What is Internet of Things?

Important technological, economic, social and cultural changes in history contributed to the creation of the concept of the Industrial Revolution. Today it is said that we are dealing with the 4th Industrial Revolution or Industry 4.0. For context, the previous ones were:

  • The First Industrial Revolution (18th century) – the use of steam power and production automation;
  • the Second Industrial Revolution (19th century) – invention of electricity and the assembly line;
  • the Third Industrial Revolution (1970s) – implementation of production automation with the use of programmable controllers and computers.

The current Industrial Revolution that is happening before our eyes uses information and communication technologies in industry. Machines connected to the Internet create a specific network of connections, i.e. the Internet of Things. They use it to communicate with humans, but also to transfer data to AI-based systems, which then analyze and process them. As a result, smart factories are already being created, which can become completely autonomous over time.

Internet of Things at IBCS Poland

At IBCS Poland, we use IoT tools available on the Microsoft Azure platform to create systems that communicate with “intelligent devices”. We can collect data from various types of sensors and sensors, but we are also able to provide two-way communication in the case of more advanced devices and processes (e.g. management of traffic lights, access control system).

The collected data is saved in the cloud resources and, using the available tools and computing power, it is analyzed, e.g. in order to detect anomalies. They can also be used for more complex analyzes, allowing for example to predict or verify hypotheses. With the help of IoT tools, you can analyze your company’s resources, identify problems and try to find the best ways to solve them.

The only limitation in the use of IoT technology is your imagination, so it is worth constantly looking for areas where this technology can be applied. As 5G technology advances, connecting new devices becomes even easier. Data collected from devices is extremely valuable in the context of the organization’s operation and can be obtained and analyzed almost completely automatically, which in practice allows you to save a lot of time and money.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the offer of IBCS solutions in the field of IoT. After the implementation of innovative devices, you can significantly facilitate many processes, as well as more consciously manage your business. See how they can make your company more modern, more organized and more efficient!